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Artbits-September 19, 2019

Harvest Fest grows artists. Carriage Barn Art Show and Sale. Figure Drawing Workshop. Design a Sign. Year of the Salmon. Stories from the Farm. USO Canteen. Weed Imperial Orchestra, Dustin Pari, Carol Ann Jones, Will Patton, Home Brew, Stragglers, Christine Malcolm Band, Mark & Bart, Django Soulo, Erin Cassels-Brown Acoustic Rodney, Squirrel, Barbie N Bones, Glass Onion, Jamie Lee Thurston, Justin LaPoint, IncaHOOTs, D.French, Nobby Reed Project all perform. Continue reading

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Artbits-September 5, 2019

Swanton Arts Spectacular. Rain barrels. Women’s Work Is Never Done. Intro to Resin Molding. Community Arts Meetings. Art Journaling Group. Bob Gagnon, Tim Howard, Buck Hollers, Chris Parker, Blues Jam, S.A.S., Nobby Reed Project, Bobby Cee, Cooie, Dan and Sean Jarvis, Full Share, Paul Asbell, AmerikanaBlue, Stragglers, VT Bluegrass Pioneers, Joanna Marsden and Katelyn Clark, Jamie Lee Thurston, and dancing Steve Gagner, all perform. Continue reading

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Artbits-August 1, 2019

Summer Sounds takes the week off. Franklin County Field Days. Michael Domina workshop. Donna Blatchly, Kristina Bolduc, Cathy LaClair, Meta Strick, Sandra Ferland, and Michael Barkyoumb exhibit. Figure Drawing Workshop and a Sea Dog Paint Nite. SAC Board Meeting. Dancing With The Cannibal Giant. Squirrel, Nobby Reed (twice), Josh Casano, Marcie Hernandez with Shay Gestal, Ryan Sweezey, Bryce Bachelder, Sean and Dan Jarvis, King Me, Carol Ann Jones and Jon Sochin, Homebrew, the Handymen, Chris Parker, the 40th Army Band, Yang Bao, Max Weaver, the Enosburg Town Band, Inca Hoots, the Starline Rhythm Boys, the Take 5 Jazz Ensemble, and the Citizens Concert Band all have gigs nearby. Jamie Lee Thurston, Buddy the Clown, the Old Man Garage Band, Chris & Erica, Night Hawk, Rockin’ Ron, Friction, Neon Spoon & Company, Darcy Cahill, the Keeghan Nolan Band all do it in the same place. Continue reading

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Artbits-July 25, 2019

Big Music Weeks of Summer continue. Summer Sounds has Jenni Johnson. The Music Man. Jig in the Valley. Home Grown Music Festival, 2019 Riverside Country Jam.
Nobby Reed, Scott Dubois, S.A.S., Heliand Consort, Bardela, Django Soulo, the Flycatchers, Java Sparrow, Kelly Dolan, Rebecca Padula, the Christine Malcolm Duet, Eric George, the Green Mountain Horn Club, the Buck Hollers, Jenni Johnson, Jacob Racusin and Seth Eames, Janet Bonneau, Jo Anne Bennett, Ernest, Enosburg Town Band, Squirrel, Cookies Hot Club, Starline Rhythm Boys, Carol Ann Jones and Will Patton, and Citizens Concert Band have gigs. Artisan Jewelry Show. Latin Dance Social. Trad Camp Lunchtime Concert and End of Camp Showcase. Planning for Last Night. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 30, 2019

The Vermont Dairy Festival has free outdoor entertainment. NVAA June Juried Show opening reception. Paint Nite: Barnyard Morning Glories. A board meeting and and Intro to Cricut. One Town at a Time. Discover Jazz has young artists, local talent, and jazz legends. Kylie Begnoche, George Murtie, Ellen Powell, Chris & Tristin, Jeff & Gina, Bob Gagnon, Full Share, Squirrel, and the Spit or Sweat Revue perform. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 2, 2019

Genticorum, Martin Hayes, Pete’s Posse, Martha Pellerin’s friends, the Young Tradition Contest Finalists, Will Patton and Barry Reis, Karen Henderson, Tony Whedon, Insider, Prohibition, Dale and Darcy, Ryan Sweezey, S.A.S, Jon Gailmor, Revolver have gigs. The Refuge wants artists. A Stitch & Sip fundraiser. Arlene Jarvis, Martha McGinn, Holly Spier, Wayne Tarr, and Christine King on the walls. The Figure Drawing Workshop and Meta Strick’s Sunday Afternoon Art continue. Design a Sign for mom at Paint Nite. SAC meets. Continue reading

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