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Artbits-April 21, 2022

Fairs, Vaccination, booster, registration. Vermont Maple Festival. Vermont, highest rate, Franklin County. Soul Work, Crissie Kovacs. Take and Make Kit, Barbara Flathers, April Sip n’ Slurry Clay Whistles Shakers. Vermont State Parks call. Painting Atmospheric Landscapes, Rosalie Sidoti, Sparkle and Shine, Gary Eckhart. Swanton Writers’ Group. Poetry Slam, 8084, Carol Ann Jones, Jon Sochin, Chris Erica, She Was Right, Peter Wayne Burton, 90 Proof, Vermont Burlesque Festival, Foxy Tann, Medianoche, Johnny Cash Tribute, Julia Parent, Troy Millette, John Bartus, Battle of the Bands, Great Vermont Bluegrass Band, Mark Shelton. Utopia Apocalypse, Jim Schley. Continue reading

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Artbits-March 24, 2022

Vaccination, registration. Scam, scammer, Venmo, craft show. March 11, 2020, World Health Organization WHO pandemic. John Clarke Olson. Taylor Long Amy Hook-Therrien. March Paint Sip, Gustav Klimt. Values and Shapes in Watercolor, Gary Eckhart. Painting Classes, Patrick Murphy, Northwest Access TV. Microbusiness Group, Digital Capacity Grants, Media Factory. Cooie DeFrancesco, Owl Stars, Sean Jarvis, Jason Wedlock, She Was Right, IncaHoots, Uncle Jimmy, Vinyl Spell, Tom Caswell, Lloyd Tyler, Logger, Rusty DeWees, Wormdogs, Solaris Vocal Ensemble, Karen Kevra, John Bartus, Prydein, Mark Shelton. Lock up the Organist Feed the Cello on an Airplane, William Tortolano. Spring Into Books, Ernie Hemingway. Continue reading

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Artbits-March 10, 2022

Festival, vaccination, registration, mask mandate. Downtown Artisan Market, Waking Windows Music, Indigenous artists Emerging Artist Scholarship. Abenaki, Hop Stop, Roger Longtoe Sheehan, Vera Longtoe Sheehan, Rosalie Sidoti. Lotus Lantern. Kat Hartson, Sandra fw Beaty, Caitlyn Kenney. David Miller, King Me, NightHawk, Peter Wayne Burton, Soulshine Revival, Soulstice, Eames Brothers, Mullets Rock, Tom Caswell, Missisquoi Slim, Ben Weber, Jeff Salisbury, Beg, Steal or Borrow, Anaïs Mitchell, Ben Patton, Rocket Shop, Tom Proctor, Mark Shelton. Gail Cleare, Love Chocolate. Continue reading

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Artbits-January 13, 2022

Fairs, Festivals. Vaccination, registration. Swanton Arts Council call artists, crafters, musicians, performers. Painting Social, Janet Dimick Soavi. Sip n’ Slurry, Butter Dish, Winter Create Clay, Inspired by Nature Drawing. Adult Ukelele, Clare Innes. Howard Coffin, 1800 Froze to Death, Cold Year of 1816. Blue Rock Boys, Laura Rasco, She Was Right, Duncan MacLeod, Eleven, Phil Graziano, Tom Caswell. Ben Weber, Beg, Steal Borrow, Carol Ann Jones, Jon Sochin, 8084, John Bartus, Mark Shelton. Donna Howard, Eloquent Page, James Patterson. Continue reading

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Artbits-December 9, 2021

Restart, Fairs, Vaccination, registration. BFA Arts Night. Record COVID hospitalizations. Sally Tarr. Sign n’ Sip. Cathy LaClair, Snowman Crystal, Half Moon Sterling Silver Earring. BFA Arts Night, Merritt David Janes, Cooper Grodin, Elysia Jordan, Steve Czarnecki, Liz Shivener, Matt Cusack, Andy Peterson, Ryan Hanson, Eleven, Shane’s Apothecary, Devon McGarry, Maple Hanson, Trevor Contois, Keeghan Nolan, Carol Ann Jones, Will Patton, Gary Spaulding, Holiday Song Celebration, StorySLAM Wisdom, John Bartus, Notre Dame Chorale, Messiah, Mark Shelton. Story Hour, Traveling Storyteller. Josh Ellerbrock, Weekly Writer’s Club. Continue reading

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Artbits-November 24, 2021

Restart, Fairs, Reopening, Vaccination, registration. Thanksgiving. Festival of Trees. Let’s Find Out, Susan Larkin. PictureIT. Sale, Vermont Wall Art, Relay for Life, Holiday Craft Show. Small Business Saturday. Claire Payne, David Brueckner, Matthew Bode, Jessica Sweeney. Katherine Hartson. Swanton Microbusiness. Shake the Trio, Bare Bones, Barbie-N-Bones, Eleven, Duel, Nighthawk, Peter Wayne Burton, Dirty Looks Band, Ron Gagnon, Bobby Cee, Quadra, Phil Abair, Keeghan Nolan, Mr. French. First Wednesday, Learning Hidden History, Vermont Humor, Inspires, Create, picture books, graphic novels, Laura Jimenez, Bill Mares, Don Hooper, Geza Tatrallyay. Unpublished, All Arts. Continue reading

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