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Artbits-August 24, 2023

Festival. Vaccination, booster, registration. First day of school. Big Music Weeks of Summer. Creative Process, William Hoyt. Milkweed Monarch Paint Sip, Linda Oakes Carvalho. Queer Art Club. Easy Folk Dancing, Leslie Alpert. National Dog Day. Flood Relief Grant program. Social Sunday. Free Vaccine Drop In. Stowe Jazz Fest, Will Patton, Swing Manouch, Lloyd Tyler, No Where Washington, Nathan Michaud, Carol Ann Jones, Superchargers, Uncle Jimmy, Natural Selection, Devon McGarry, Kyle Stevens, Toast, Coop, Bob Recupero, Awen Family Band, Mad Mojo, Sohyun Ahn, Eun Hee Park, Corner Junction Bluegrass, Mark Abair All Star, Chris Lyon, Rockin’ Ron Gagnon, Nobby Reed, Blue Rock Boys, Smokey Newhouse, Dale and Darcy, Madeleine, Jeff Anderson, Donna Thunder, Jennifer Edwards, Avery Ellis, Astral Underground, She Was Right, New Time Swing, Jim Branca, Tom Buckley. Continue reading

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Artbits-July 27, 2023

Festivals. COVID, Vaccination, booster, registration. Big Music Weeks. Summer Sounds, Highgate, Tyler Mast. Perspectives 2023 Amazing Makers, Olaniyi Akindiya. Paint Sip, Amber Rae Harvey. Floodstock, 8084, Chad Hollister, Rusty Dewees, Jamie Lee Thurston, Vermont Strong. Bryan Gallery, Cambridge Cares. Art For Vermont Flood Relief. Tax deadlines. Abenaki Word of the Week. Social Sunday continues at the Milton Artists’ Guild Art Center with free weekly art classes for families. Bare Bones, Still Kickin’, Nick Carter, Nobby Reed, Ryan Sweezey, King Me, IncaHoots, Jerborn, Axe, Milton Busker. Grim Work, Heliland, Mark Abair, Duo, Eclectica String Quartet, Green Mountain Brass Band, Dead Sessions, Peacheaters, Caldonia Mission, Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, The Band, Creatio, Fever Dolls, Troy Millette, Fire Below, Neil Shepard, Jack Arthur Tremblay, Psylas, Enosburg Town Band, the Avery Cooper Quartet, John Geno, incahoots, Dave Miller, Citizens Concert Band. Cheryl Marita, Touching the Veil: End of Life Stories through the Eyes of a Nurse. Continue reading

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Artbits-July 20, 2023

Festivals. Vaccination, booster, registration. Big Music Weeks of Summer. Summer Sounds. Major disaster declaration. FEMA, CERF+, Main Street Flood Recovery Fund, SBA. Jessica Fligg, Creative Process. License Vermont-Made Music. Tyler Mast, Bad Smell, Mitchell Bergeron, Richard Berry, Daniel Bishop & Kevin Bloom, A Box of Stars, David Chief, Andriana Chobot, COTE, Michael Crain, Danny, Parts, Dead Shakers, Amelia Devoid, Guthrie Galileo, Cam Gilmour, Jacob Green, Phil Henry, Marcie Hernandez, JSP, Will Keeper, Kingdom All Stars, Jeremy Kizina, KP Me, Leatherbound Books, Maple Run Band, Xen Miles, moonwake, Oak Honest Records, Obi Voicegod, Ryan Oswald, Reid Parsons, Tom Pearo, Zach Pollakoff, Quiltro, Ian Steinburg, Seattle Stomp, Tiny Lines, Towner, Dylan Patrick Ward, Wet Heave, Willverine. Christmas in July, Gnome, Abbey. Glowing Jellyfish, Sylvia Oblak. Fall Artist Retreat. Easy Folk Dancing, Leslie Alpert. Church Street Street Festival. Abenaki Word Week. Learn Colored Pencil, Corrina Thurston, Social Sunday, Paint Pouring, Laurie Thompson. Introduction to Palette Knife Painting en Plein Air, Melanie Levitt. Handcrafted Greeting Card, Pat Brennan. Bad MOJO, Mama Tried, Rebecca Padula, Linda Kallinger, Ukulele Clare Innes, Kathy Mulligan, Quadra, Jerborn and Axe, Dan Parks and Mark Steffenhagen, Staircase 24, Buck Hollers, Nathan Michaud, Haiduck Heckendorn, Art DeQuasie, Metalwerx Tuba Euphonium Quartet, Nobby Reed Project, Honey Soul, Hannah Hausman, Cleo Flemming, Danica Cunningham, Zach Santarsiero, Braden Lalancette, Carol Ann Jones, CDBB, Adlai Waxman, Jeff Salisbury, Tom Caswell, Tom Buckley, Enosburg Town Band, Andriana Bananas, Mad Mojo, Citizens Concert Band. Writers’ Group. Gail Marlene Schwartz, Hotch Potch. Continue reading

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Artbits-June 1, 2023

Festivals. Vaccination, booster, registration. Jeffersonville Art Jam, Sidewalk Art Festival, NVAA June Juried Show, Landscape Masters, Creative Process, Nature’s Resilience, Legacy 2023, Vermont Fiddle Orchestra. Monique Dewyea, Homegrown Jewelry, Vermont Country Cottage Crafts, Fairfield Farm Bowls, Deborah Travis, Paul Tamasi, the Artful Pauper, Haleigh West, Debra Kiel, Robin Bennett, Donna Elery, Jane Sandberg, Gwen Rotharmel, Matthew Pricken, Sean Crossett, Sheilagh Smith, Patrice Lumumba. Terry Buehner, Natalie LaRocque, Longina Smolinski. Ballet School Vermont, Northern Vermont Ballet, Alice in Wonderland. Creative Futures Award. Abenaki Word Week. Abenaki Circle of Courage. Corrina Thurston, Colored Pencil on Wood, Social Sunday. Open Studio Figure Drawing. Watercolor Workshop, Lynn Cummings. Paxlovid. Jeff Shelley, Ryan Sweezey, Jesse Agan, Joshua Glass, Chris Doncaster, Eric Belrose, Uncle Jimmy, Duel, Phil Abair, Keeghan Nolan, Maple Hanson, Dirty Looks, Chris Erica, John Gratton, Vermont Choral Union, Hope Conquers Fear, Johann Christoph Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms, Benjamin Britten, Ron Gagnon, Worm-Dogs, Tallgrass Getdown, Cobras, 8084, Andre Maquera, Randy Smith, Frank Barnes, Gary Spaulding, Corner Junction. Jason Barney, Joy Choquette, Susan Dillard, Trish Esden, Jerry Johnson, Hank Lambert, Lori McLaughlin, Nicole Nappi, Becky Rupp, Bill Schubart, Eileen Williams. Vermont Reads, Most Costly Journey, Andy Kolovos, Julia Grand Doucet. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 4, 2023

Fairs, Festivals. Vaccination, booster, registration. Colleen Blatchly, Toby Fulwiler, Holly Spier. Art Appraisal, Maria Roosevelt, Ethan Merrill, Amy Rutledge Jebrine, Mark Buggyman Ducharme. First Peoples Exhibition. Makers Market. Spring Paint n Sip, Amber Rae Harvey. Felicia Cota, Paint Hydrate. Animating Infrastructure Grant. Young Tradition Festival, La Famille LeBlanc, YTV Youth Commission, Touring Group, Pete Sutherland. Spring Book Paper Fair. Listen Up. Ashley Messier, Thriving Communities Winding VT Road Abolition Women’s Rights. Tastings, Lesley Becker, Jan Mason, Danny Rocco, Lee Wochner. Graphite Drawing Class, Mike Barkyoumb. Online Portrait Collage Workshop. Linda Oakes Carvalho, Lilacs for Mother. Social Sundays. Open Studio Figure Drawing. Justin Sutera, Gathering Baskets. Troy Millette, Dan Rahilly, Mullets Rock, Bob Gagnon, Barbie-N-Bones, Maureen Hancock, Smokey Newfield, Duo, Kyle Stevens, Mark Shelton, Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival, Gloria Chien, Soovin Kim. Vermont Book Awards. Ebenezer Books. Continue reading

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Artbits-October 6, 2022

Vaccination, booster, registration. Abenaki Storytelling Project. From Dirt to Iron, John Hart. A Shared Life, Carolyn Babcock, Harold Babcock. Rebecca Nase-Chomyn, Sarah McGarghan, Deborah Travis, Pam Krout-Voss. Ella Delyanis. Cold Hollow Sculpture Park. Olde Milk House Shoppe. Easy International Folk Dancing, Leslie Alpert. Open Studio Figure Drawing. Social Sunday. Troy Millette, Fire Below, Ryan Sweezey, Chris Erica, Bob Recupero, Shane’s Apothecary, Phil Abair Band, Keeghan Nolan, Rick Carnell, Looper Guy, Dog Catchers, Jerborn, Annie, Hedonists, Wormdogs, NightHawk, Bad Horsey, Gary Wade. Historic renovations, Phil Scott, tax credits, Soule House, Saint Albans Museum, U.S. Customs House and Post Office, Champlain Theater. Stephen Russell Payne, You Were Always There, Caspian Lake. Continue reading

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