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Artbits-March 2, 2023

Vaccination, booster, registration. Barbara Colgrove, Wendy Everhart, Barbara Flack, Dorothy Goulet. Mary & Alden Bryan. Stampin’ Up! Cardmaking, Barb Switzer. Summer Mash-up Festival. Free family friendly movie. Sherry Gould, Robert Goodby, Deep Presence More Inclusive History, Two-Eyed Seeing Speaker Series. Osher, Tim Smith, Franklin County Industrial Development. Painting Class, Cathy Coulombe. Social Sunday. Open Studio Figure Drawing, Barn Quilt, Kristin Murphy, March Meditation Making, Courtney Jurcheck. SAC Board Meeting. McMaple, Duncan Macleod, Mirage, Dan Parks, Mark Steffanhagen, Supernatural, Buck Hollers, Ryan Sweezey, Cooie DeFrancesco, Jorma Kaukonen, Troy Millette, Nobby Reed. Walt McLaughlin Nature and the Absolute. Continue reading

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Artbits-February 16, 2023

Vaccination, booster, registration, COVID-19. Montgomery Center Arts, MCA, Preservation Trust of Vermont. Tumacacori Mission, Mary, Alden Bryan. Homeschool, figurative work. February Paint Sip, Intuitive Painting, Carolyn Crotty. Fred Wiseman, Heritage Forensics Rethinking Indigenous Ways of Knowing in an Increasingly Dangerous World, Two-Eyed Seeing Speaker. Osher, Future of Aviation, Beta Aviation. Social Sunday. Cooie Sings, Robin Gottfried, Mitch Devon, Jonny Mop, She Was Right, Britt Kane, Dark Star Project, McMaple, Carol Ann Jones, 90 Proof, Bucky Lewis, Julia Parent, Vermont Mandolin Trio, Jamie Masefield, Matt Flinner, Pat Melvin, Will Patton, and Troy Millette. Counterpoint Chorus, Robert De Cormier, Mark Shelton. Bent Northrop, Franklin County Photogs. Writers’ Group. But I Progress, When Everything Changed, Gail Collins. Continue reading

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Artbits-January 5, 2023

Vaccination, booster, registration. Perfect storm, tripledemic. Paid leave grant program. LuAnn Bellis, Chris Bessette, Kati Christoffel, Trish Vaillancourt. Open Studio Figure Drawing, Sewing Outside Lines, Natalie Carr. Social Sunday. Board Meeting Updates. Safe Sound, Mitch Terriciano, Kyle Stevens, Free Range Band, Jerborn, Eleven, Ryan Sweezy, Buck Hollers, Rough Suspects. Predictions. Arts, books, dance, music, theater, theatrical hopes, honey badgers. Arts councils, opera house, gallery, galleries, guild, guilds, tax credits, historic local project, book, books, library, libraries. Continue reading

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Artbits-December 29, 2022

Fairs, Festivals. Vaccination, booster, registration, perfect storm, tripledemic. Artist in Residence, Bryan Memorial, Milton Artists Guild. Charles R. Guyette, Freedom and Unity. Cooie DeFrancesco, Troy Millette, WD40’s, WD40s, Carol Ann Jones, Kyle Stevens, Cozy O’Donnell, Sticks Stones. Ernie the Traveling Storyteller. Looking Back at the Year. All Arts Council, Island Arts, River Arts, St. Albans Community Arts, Swanton Arts Council. Vermont Maple Festival, Little Fox Entertainment, Joshua Glass, Andriana Chobot, Jason Tardy, Pipsqueak Clown, Phil Abair, Keeghan Nolan, Electric Youth Dance Company, Dragon Man, Aim High Canines, Young Tradition-Vermont, Fiddleheads Touring Group, Shake, Morgan Myles, Rockin’ Ron Friendly Pirate. Vermont Dairy Festival, Scholarship Pageant, Jerborn, Smokin’ Gun, Pirate Man Dan, Farmer Tom Walsh, MC Mac Blues Band, Bad Horsey, Troy Millette, Fire Below, Robert Clark, Root 7. Franklin County Field Days, Julia Parent, Jamie Lee Thurston, Old Man Garage Band, Chris Erica, Friction, Express Train, Jolly Roger Band, Darcy Cahill, George Richard, Johnny Cash. Continue reading

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Artbits-June 23, 2022

Vaccination, booster, registration. Reflections on Swanton. Jeffersonville Art Jam. National Gallery of Art, Artle. June Sip n’ Slurry, Handbuilt Mugs, Wednesday Night Live. Vermont Creative Network, Networking Mixer. Social Sundays. Rail City Fan Fest, Nobby Reed Project, Sticks and Stones, Cooie Sings, Uncle Jimmy, Mark Abair, 90 Proof, Duncan McLeod , Free Range Band, Buck Hollers, Fabulous Wrecks, Sergio Torres, David Feurzeig, Young Tradition Vermont, Hilary Menegaz Weitzner, Fern Tamagini-O’Donnell, Owen Kennedy, Amerikana, Blue Fox, Eleven, Mullets of Rock, Root 7, Boom City Improv, Ryan Hanson, Royal Towne Brass, David Ellis, David Heintz, Thea Calitri-Martin, Denis Lambert, Bill Keck, Claire Black, Enosburg Town Band, Bob Gagnon, Tony Petricola, Citizens Concert Band. Jason Barney, Northern Vermont Revolutionary War. Continue reading

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Artbits-April 14, 2022

Vaccination, booster, registration. Katherine Hartson, Van Gogh, Paint ‘n Sip. Eric Tobin. Lisa Wolfgang Clay Techniques, Redefining Watercolor Landscape, Gary Eckhart. Quilting, Joan Shortsleeve, External Exhibit, Dot Grazier, Sharon Radtke, Metalsmithing 101, Cathy LaClair, Square Store, Caitlyn Kenney. 8084, Andre Maquera, Randy Smith, Fabulous Wrecks, Mary Poppins, B-Town, Bryce Bachelder, Shane’s Apothecary, Eleven, Maple Hanson, Full Cleveland, Troy Millette, John Bartus, Rosie Newton, Mark Shelton. Ernie Hemingway, Traveling Storyteller, Bunny Storytime. Continue reading

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