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Artbits-February 28, 2019

Paint Nite, What is Art? Art Along the Hudson, and a Board Meeting with Updates. 14th Star Movie Night. The Wickmoore Jazz Trio, Carol Ann Jones, Sean Jarvis, Django Soulo, Jeff & Gina, Chris Parker, Sean & Gerry, Trevor Contois with Rosie Newton and Michael Lawler, Yankee Chank, Big Night, and Ponyhustle. Calls for photos, youth art, and young writers. Continue reading

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Artbits-January 17, 2019

The SATEC Bands and Orchestra, Carol Ann Jones, Ourselves Alone, Nobby Reed, AmerikanaBlue, John Howell, and the VYO with Counterpoint perform. There’s a Figure Drawing Workshop, a Coffee Mug Paint n Sip, and Paint Nite. 14th Star Movie Night continues. MAG has a new channel. Continue reading

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Artbits-August 9, 2018

The Big Music Weeks of Summer continue. The Hokum Bros. in Summer Sounds. Paint Nite. Cambridge Festival of the Arts. Arts meetings Electric Youth Dance. Django Soulo, Tony Whedon, Jeff & Gina, Owl Stars, Ryan Sweezey, Cozy O’Donnell, Growlers, Carol Ann Jones, Justice, the Vermont Jazz Ensemble, the Enosburg Town Band, Jim Charonko, Starline Rhythm Boys, Sean Jarvis, and Citizens Concert Band. Labels for Libations contest. Rumors. Continue reading

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Artbits-June 14, 2018

Rebel, Rebel opens with wine and cheese. There is a Nature Photo Workshop, the SAC Writer’s Group, an Art Journaling Group, and a Beach Party. Joe Sabourin, Third Shift, Lesley Grant and Ralph Eames, Carol Ann Jones and Will Patton, the Growlers, Fiddleheads with Dominique Dodge, PoJazz, Myra Flynn with Paul Boffa, the Enosburg Town Band, Drunk & in the Woods, Sean Jarvis, and Citizens Concert Band perform on different nights. Black Creek Adventure Camp and Summer Theater Camp begin. Continue reading

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Artbits-February 22, 2018

Big news. All Arts is moving! The Grind Cafe to Draw Portraits. The Montgomery Center for the Arts has an Art and Recreation Camp. There will be Karaoke Promos, a Burlington Songwriters Group Session, AmerikanaBlue, Mark LeGrand, Funky Stuff, Tom Rush, the Young Tradition Touring Group with Andrea Beaton, Justice, and Chasing 440 on different stages. Mark Shelton is inducted. A short vid of the arts and culture of Vermont, and more. Continue reading

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Artbits-October 26, 2017

Iceland in May and Magic in the Landscape open. The annual Arts & Craft Show at the Auxiliary returns. There is a Pumpkin Carving Party and Autumn Celebration. Swanton’s Got Art is coming. The Northwest Nightmares Film Festival opens. Blue Fox, Mark LeGrand, Chris & Erica, DJ Shawn, Carpenters, Justifice, Wendell Hughes, Michael Clookey, and Creston Lea all take to stages. Camp Ta-Kum-Ta needs volunteers for a special project. Continue reading

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