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Artbits-February 8, 2024

Vaccination, booster. V! A Night of Vivacious Variety, Mistress Manifest, Ginge O’Lolly, Mike Thomas, Marie Ragan, Renee Juliette, hPlay!, Alice Reighley, ShuShu+Co, Jenna Emerson. Jean Burbo. Hearts for Your Honey. Liane Whittum. SpaceX. Maker’s Market. 2024 Vermont Solar Eclipse, Dan Pattullo. Sip n’ Slurry, Galentine’s and Significant Others Day, Barbara Flathers. Valentine’s Love Birds Paint & Sip. Creative Connections. Sappy Art Show. Maple Sugaring Amateur Photography Contest. Northwest Public Access TV, videographer. BNML Board of Trustees. Library Assistant. Movies that Matter, Waste Land, Vik Muniz. Michael Lange, Many Meanings of Maple. How Our Minds Influence the Effects of Sleight-of-Hand Magic. Tina Escaja, Mar y virus, Virus and the Sea. Social Sunday. Pebble Art Workshop. Mindful Art, Mixed Media Adventure, Jen Volanksy. Karaoke, Vermont Mandolin Trio, Will Patton, Jamie Masefield, Matt Flinner, Pat Melvin, 2024 Mardi Gras Party, Mango Jam, Yankee Chank, Matt Vandy, Alex St. Louis, Paul Tenney, Max Higgins, Ian Paul, DJ 2 Rivers, Jeff Salisbury, Sibling Reverie, Bad Horsey, Kyle Stevens, Staircase 24, Chris Lyon, Giovanina Bucci, Cooie Adlai, Roger Giroux, Sean Jarvis, Rick Dayna, NightHawk, Crowe Hill, Dale Darcy, Michael Hurley. Continue reading

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Artbits-February 1, 2024

Vaccination, booster. MVSD Music Instrument Drive. Marissa McFadden, Sarah Rosedahl, Voices from Ukraine VT. Robin Reynolds, Another Jackmangi. Joseph Bruchac. Maker’s Market, Howl at the Moon. Valentine Crafternoon. Corrina Thurston. BNML Board of Trustees. Highgate Library. Milton Artists Guild. Morristown Free University instructors. Osher, Scottish Highlands, Roderick Russell. Margaret Bass, Toni Morrison, Sula. Social Sunday. Open Studio Figure Drawing. Evie Mason, Watercolor 3 Ways Learning Technique Process. Board Meeting. Daughter Gala, Karaoke Night, Fam Jam, Pet Project, Nobby Reed, Josh Panda, Peter Day, Something Reckless, Hit Squad, Will Patton, Mary McGinniss, Devon McGarry, Sister Speak, Bad Horsey, Abstract Radio, Michael Hurley. Feed Me Story of Food Love Mental Illness, Erika Nichols-Frazer. Continue reading

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Artbits-January 25, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Sappy Art Show, Maple Sugaring Amateur Photography Contest. Jesse Bowman Bruchac, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Woodstock ’94. 2024 District Art Show. John MacDonald. Maker’s Market. Glow Paint Sip, Northern Lights. Sip n’ Slurry, Folded Handle Mugs, Chiara Keeling. Sea Turtle Paint Party. Ben Raymond, Adult Painting Acrylics. Gastronomy novels, Last Chinese Chef, Nicole Mones. Last Night at the Telegraph Club, Vermont Reads, Malinda Lo. Amanda Gustin Justin Morgan’s Horse: Making an American Myth. Social Sunday. Lisa Cannizzaro, Art of Pressed Flowers. Needle Felting, Carolyn Kittell. Cooie DeFrancesco, Blue Northern, Natural Selection, Dirty Looks, Matty Me, Sanctuary, Duo, Ryan Sweezy, Midnight Walkers, Joshua Glass, Chris Doncaster, Eric Belrose, David Miller, Justice 3, Tim Fitzgerald, Blue Heron, Ethan Sawyer, Martin Fredrick, David Karl Roberts, Lady A Blues Band, Karaoke, Open Mic. Mark Shelton, Tyler Mast, Farewell Reunion, Youth Commission, Pascal Gemme, Jazz Premieres, Tom Cleary, Brian Boyes, Kyle Saulnier, Jeremy Hill, Dan Ryan. Let’s Be Pigeons, Ernie Hemingway. Continue reading

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Artbits-January 18, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Artist in Residence, gallery membership. Development grant. John Rivers, Maker’s Market. Happy Winter Trees, Natalie Carr. Felting Workshop, Painting with Wool, Carolyn Kittell. Kelton Hall, colored glass. Social Sunday. Adult Intermediate Wheel, Barb Flathers. Lloyd Tyler Band, Duncan Macleod, Shane’s Apothecary, Jonny Mop, Cooper, Bob Recupero, Soul Soda, Chris Erica, Dale Darcy, Tenderbellies, Mark Shelton, Roger Giroux, Smokey Newfield, Karaoke Party, FamJam, Comedy Cause. Rob Guerrina. Will Patton. William Brotherton, Burlington Northern Adventures, Railroading in the Days of the Caboose. Marriage Portrait, Maggie O’Farrell. Miniaturist, Jessie Burton. Terry Lovelette, Thoughts from a Walk, Green Mountain Musings. Mornings Muffins Mysteries. Continue reading

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Artbits-January 3, 2024

Vaccination, booster, registration, tenderness. Carol Billings McGranaghan. Rebecca Chomyn, Patrick Murphy. Maker’s Market. Creative Connections. Opera House, proposals. Hanging Out: The Radical Power of Killing Time, Sheila Liming. Social Sunday. Adult Wheel Series, Anthony Martin. Fiddleheads, Sarah King, Spring Ensemble, Laurel Swift. Saint Albans Community Arts. Nobby Reed, Kyle Stevens, Free Range Band, Whiskey Wine, Hitmen, Blue Heron, Justin Bedell, Eric Bushey, Chris Erica, Smokey Newfield, Karen McFeeters, Stephan Conrady, Rustics, Young Tradition Fam Jam. Doris Sumner Life at Camp. Lessons in Chemistry, Bonnie Garmus. Looking forward. Continue reading

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Artbits-December 28, 2023

Fairs, Festivals. Vaccination, booster, pandemic, registration. Highlight New Year’s Eve, Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dance Party, Tenderbellies, Circus Smirkus, Front Porch Follies, Youth Opera Company of OCM. First Night North. Fireworks Cozy, Sticks and Stones. Artist in Residence, Bryan Memorial Gallery, Milton Artists Guild. Maker’s Market. Christmas Cowboy. Enosburgh Community Recreation, mural artists. Cervantes, Don Quixote De La Mancha, Ilan Stavans. Board Meeting. Cooie DeFrancisco, Jomoband, WD-40s, Rough Suspects, PET Project, Nickel Dime, Barn Rats, Beg Steal or Borrow, Grippo Funk. Arts Councils, Libraries, Major Presenters. Happy New Year. Continue reading

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