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Artbits-June 20, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Make Music Day. Jeffersonville Art Jam, June Juried Show, Emile Gruppe, Aldo T. Hibbard, Thomas Curtin, Robert Blair, Karen Winslow, Eric Tobin, Karen Winslow, Chris Bessette, Dawn DiCecco, Claudette Eaton, John Edebohlts, Carolyn Kittell, Joanie McMahon, Kelli Shepherd, Liane Spaulding, Sarah Weber, Lina Longtoe. Montgomery Center for the Arts, Catamount Film and Arts, homecoming. Paint Your Own Pet, Paint n Sip, Linda Oakes Carvalho. Pop up Advanced Ballet Classes. Rail City Fan Fest, robot demo, cosplay, trivia, Fortnite, fantasy. Foraging. Howard Coffin, Vermont, 1800 and Froze to Death Cold Year of 1816. Whistle underwater. Writers’ Group. Social Sunday. Creative Connections, She Was Right, Cooper, Young Tradition Touring Group, Dan Sean Jarvis, Rushmore, Hitmen, Bob Val, Pet Project, Jesse Agan, Mitch Devon, Lloyd Tyler, Ryan Sweezy, Midnight Walkers, Mark Shelton, Carol Ann Jones, Will Patton, Nottingham Drive, Mark Abair, Good Luck, Ryan Hanson, Rustics, Canyon Dreams, Phil Graziano, Roger Giroux, Mango Jam, Evan Alsop, David Karl Roberts, Cooie DeFrancisco, Enosburg Town Band, Danny, Parts, Citizens Concert Band, Blue Heron. Book Sale. Mystery Book Club, Naked in Death, JD Robb. Continue reading

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Artbits-June 13, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Luminous, Gail Salzman. Bloom Nature of Art. David Stromeyer. Courtney Adams. Jesse Lawyer. Eulogizing the Body, John Killacky. American Stories Across Generations, Tuck Everlasting, Natalie Babbitt. Dinny Hawksworth, Preservation Award. Tie-Dye Tote workshop, Abbey. Queer Art Club. Intro to Flat Felting, Carmella Cyr. Social Sunday. Handcrafted Greeting Card, Pat Brennan. Still Kickin, Jim Branca, Carol Ann Jones, Will Patton, Pen Hits, Cooper, Raised by Hippies, Sticks Stones, Sibling Reverie, Toast, Kyle Stevens, Bushey Bedell, Smokey Newfield, 90 Proof, Better Days, Nick DiDonna, Jeff Salisbury, Mad Mojo, Blue Heron, Ethan Sawyer, Martin Fredrick, Acoustic Mayhem, Arthur James, Bee Wild, Young Tradition Touring Group, Jacqueline Schwab, Ernestine Tuyishime, Christine Aziza, Paul Asbell, Michael Zsoldos, Gabe Jarrett, Clyde Stats, Jamie Lee Thurston, Rockin’ Ron Friendly Pirate, George Murtie, Enosburg Town Band, Dave Keller, Mama Tried, IncaHoots, Nobby Reed. Alyx Hilshey, Magic of the Library. Jason Barney, Christine Eldred, Hidden History of Lake Champlain. Angel’s Flight, Michael Connelly. The Overstory, Richard Powers. Continue reading

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Artbits-June 6, 2024

GRAND OPENING St. Albans Community Arts celebrates their new downtown home in the Ralston’s Building. The gallery opening is “for everyone to stop in, get creative, and view the first works that will be showing in the space.” Read more… … Continue reading

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Artbits-May 30, 2024

Vaccination, booster. National Dairy Month. Vermont Dairy Festival, Dairy Scholarship Pageant, Fireworks, pig race, parade. Native Tongue. Pirate Man Dan, Chris, Erica, Secondhand Blues, Modern Times Theater, Jacob Green, Maple Grove, Missisquoi River Band, Pat Murphy, Aaron Alaria Doane, Farm to Fair, Vyntage Skynyrd. Jeffersonville Art Jam. Northern Vermont Artists Association, NVAA June Juried Show, Vermont Fiddle Orchestra, sidewalk art fest. Rosalie Sidoti. Lori Lambert. Emile Gruppe, Aldo T. Hibbard, Thomas Curtin, Robert Blair, Karen Winslow, Eric Tobin. First Sundays Flea Farmers Market. Once Upon A Rock, Holy Walkamolies, Pebble Art Fundraiser. 2024 Creative Sector Convening. Elizabeth Powell, Words in the Woods. Eugene Rich, Abenaki Stories. Social Sunday. Painting Pastoral, Yvette “Evie” Mason. Cartooning Class, Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr. Bettenroo, NightHawk, Sticks and Stones, Carol Ann Jones, B-Town, Devon McGarry, Sanctuary, Jim Branca, Jacob Green, Buck Hollers, Ryan Hanson, Sister Speak, Bad Horsey, Lawless, Jacqueline Schwab, Ernestine Tuyishime, Christine Aziza, Tony Pietricola, Bob Gagnon, Julia Parent. Library June Book Sale. Tamara Mathieu, All Who Believed. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 23, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Summer Music, Farewell Reunion Concert, Concerts on the Green, Celebration of Expressive Arts. Camel’s Hump, Brian Hewitt. Francine Poitras Jones. Sip n’ Slurry, Textured Button Planter, Chiara Keeling. Northwest Access TV. Abenaki, Heritage Celebration, Blackhawk Singers, Dan Shears, Takara Hansell. Chwarelwyr, Quarrymen, Carwyn Rhys Jones. Mitch Wertlieb, Saint Albans Community Picnic. Howard Coffin Vermont Women Civil War. David Mills, Martin Luther King Jr, Dare to Dream. Laurie Thompson, Paint Pouring Ring Pour Technique, Social Sunday, Tina Lesperance, Workshop Dementia and Caregivers. Karaoke, Open Mic, Rockin’ Ron Gagnon, Sergio Torres, John Lackard Blues Duo, Lloyd Tyler , Jonny Mop, McMaple, Last Kid Picked, Slightly Used, Becky Tracy, Keith Murphy, All Night Boogie, Nerbak Brothers, Rehab Roadhouse, Al’s Pals, Dan Sean Jarvis, Cooie DeFrancesco, Adlai, Blue Rock Boys, Eric Bushey, Cliff Crosby, Michael Bjella, Sabina Perkins, Bella Notables, Roger Giroux, George Murtie, Beg, Steal Borrow, Mark Shelton, Justin Dennis, Miller Trio, Jeanne Miller, JD Miller, Will Miller, David Karl Roberts, Ethan Sawyer. Alice Martin, Wolf Warrior. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 16, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Paint Your Pet Portrait, Linda Oakes Carvalho. Art Journaling Group, Make Your Own Star Wars Terrarium. MES Student Spring Art Show. Beneath Our Skin. Nathan Johnson. Nebizun: Water Is Life, Charlie Adams, Vicki Blanchard, Joe Bruchac, Bill Gould, Francine Poitras Jones, Jeanne Morningstar Kent, Melody Walker Makin, Lucy Cannon Neel, Hawk Schulmeisters, Breanna Sheehan, Linda Longtoe Sheehan, Chief Roger Longtoe Sheehan, Vera Longtoe Sheehan, JES, Chief April St Francis Rushlow, Dorothy Tondreau, Amy Hook-Therrien, Aaron York. Adrian Ivakhiv. Environmental Humanities, Critical Studies for Feverish Times. Impressionist Portraits Pastel Oil, Karen Meneghin. Social Sunday. Aviano Bellydance. Workshop for Dementia Caregivers, Tina Lesperance. Letterpress Printing. Karaoke, Open Mic, Coffee House, Next Stop Comedy, Cooie DeFrancisco Sings, Carol Ann Jones, Will Patton, Duel, John Geno, Kevin Connelly, Banjo Dan, Willy, Lindner, Danny Coane, Sam Blagden, VT Bluegrass Pioneers, Shane’s Apothecary, Justice 3, Pet Project, Maple Grove, Blues Without Borders, Chris Erica, Chris Issy, Stragglers, Bob Gagnon, Jeff Shelley, Windham Philharmonic, Laura Fedele-Rasco. Vaisey Royale, Franklin County Quilt Show, Mark Shelton. Boys in the Boat, Daniel James Brown. But I Progress, Gender Queer, Maia Kobabe. Bianca Stone, Vermont Poet Laureate. Continue reading

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