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Artbits-October 27, 2022

Vaccination, booster, hospitalizations, registration. Halloween. continue to rise. Cold Hollow Sculpture Park. Opera House, Ernie Hemingway, Christmas Carol. Popcorn Pints, Ghostbusters. Osher, Finding Answers to Family History Mysteries, Christine Eldred. Linda Oakes Carvalho. Social Sundays. Let’s Glow Crazy, Witch’s Dance, Eleven, McMaple, Robin Gottfried, Rough Suspects, Maple Hanson, Sticks Stones, Red Hot Juba, Laura Fedele-Rasco, HalloQueen, NightHawk, Jamie Lee Thurston, Dale Darcy. Continue reading

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Artbits-August 4, 2022

Fairs, Festivals. Vaccination, booster, registration. Big Music Weeks of Summer. Franklin County Field Days. Donna Blatchly, Kristina Bolduc, Lindsay DiDio, Longina Smolinski. Wednesday Night Live. Bookmarks. Bar Harbor Bank. Ballet School. Into the Woods, JR. Full Circle Theater Collaborative, Brothers Grimm. Social Sunday. Sarah Cullins. Julia Parent, Jamie Lee Thurston, the Old Man Garage Band, Chris Erica, Friction, Express Train, Jolly Roger Band, Darcy Cahill, Johnny Cash, Smokey Newfield, Barbie-n-Bones, Sibling Reverie, McMaple, John Geno, Phil Abair, Keeghan Nolan, Lebowski Trio, Free Range Band, Michelle Fay Band, Carol Ann Jones, Saints Liars, Rockin’ Ron Gagnon, Laura Fedele-Rasco, Cooie, Adlai, Mad Mojo, Jeff Gina, Michael Stridsberg, Better Days, Buck Hollers, Quadra, Nobby Reed, Smokin’ Gun, Bettenroo, Fabulous Wrecks, Enosburg Town Band, Sister Speak, Eleven, Citizens Concert Band. DonnaRae Menard, Murder on Eagle Drop Ridge. Weekly Writer’s Club. Continue reading

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Artbits-June 2, 2022

Fairs, Festivals. Vaccination, booster, registration. Vermont Dairy Festival, Mountain Bike Stunt Show. Jodi Blaisdell, Tessa Hill, Natalie LaRocque, Edwards Smith. Jeffersonville Art Jam NVAA, Northern Vermont Artist Association, June Juried Show, Vermont Fiddle Orchestra. Stampin’ Up Cards, Barb Sweetser. Mayor’s Photo Contest, Vermont Memories. Rick Agran, Painting with Words: Poetic Expression Fine Art. Megan Bisbee, Meditate and Create. Sweater Worthy, Aimee Vient, 14th Star Parking Lot Party, Teen Tradfest, Pete Sutherland, Oliver Scanlon, Eleven, Chris, Tristen, Jesse Agan, Shake, Carol Ann Jones, Jon Sochin, Duel, She Was Right, Phil Abair Band, Keeghan Nolan, Devon McGarry, John Bartus, Chris, Erica, Larry Lee Ebere, Dave Miller, Jamie Lee Thurston, Will Patton, Dono Shabner, David Gusakov, Clyde Stats, Jaded Ravins, Troy Millette. WeAreVT, Dana Block, M. Sebastian Araujo. Bill Lunna. Help Wanted. Weekly Writer’s Club. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 12, 2022

Vaccination, booster, registration. Fairfax Art Festival, Silent Auction. Vermont Antiquarian Booksellers, Spring Book Card Ephemera Fair, postcards, collectibles. Student Art. Andy Warhol, Marilyn. Thumbprint Art, Chiara Keeling, Sip n’ Slurry, Social Sunday, Pebble Art, Jean Ferguson, Patrick Murphy. Card Making, Barb Switzer. Gel Plate Printmaking Workshop. Rail City Players, actors, prop, costume, Shakespear Park. Troy Millette, Chris Erica, Phil Graziano, Eleven, Devon McGarry, Last Kid Picked, Eames Brothers, Blue Fox, Beg Steal Borrow, Mark Legrand, Timberline, Laura Fedele-Rasco, Texas Hill, Atlantic Crossing, Corner House, Oliver Scanlon, Pete Sutherland, Young Tradition Vermont Youth Commission. Jill Mudgett, Murder Vermont Woods, Story About Race, Class, Gender. Green Mountain Folklore Society. Continue reading

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Artbits-April 14, 2022

Vaccination, booster, registration. Katherine Hartson, Van Gogh, Paint ‘n Sip. Eric Tobin. Lisa Wolfgang Clay Techniques, Redefining Watercolor Landscape, Gary Eckhart. Quilting, Joan Shortsleeve, External Exhibit, Dot Grazier, Sharon Radtke, Metalsmithing 101, Cathy LaClair, Square Store, Caitlyn Kenney. 8084, Andre Maquera, Randy Smith, Fabulous Wrecks, Mary Poppins, B-Town, Bryce Bachelder, Shane’s Apothecary, Eleven, Maple Hanson, Full Cleveland, Troy Millette, John Bartus, Rosie Newton, Mark Shelton. Ernie Hemingway, Traveling Storyteller, Bunny Storytime. Continue reading

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Artbits-March 31, 2022

Vaccination, booster, registration, transmission rate. Summer Theater Camp, Opera House Enosburg Falls, Ernie Hemingway. Tony Hawks Midlife Cowboy. Gillian Ireland, Anne Standish, Wayne Tarr, Susan Larkin, Alden Bryan. Workshop, Annelein Beukenkamp, Quilting, Joan Shortsleeve, Caitlyn Kenney. Swanton Arts Council, Meeting. Murder Mystery 1920s Death Gangster. Chris Lyon, John Gratton, Dave Miller, NightHawk, Phil Abair, Keeghan Nolan, Before this Time, Green Mountain Freight, Lady A, John Bartus, Wynton Marsalis, Mark Shelton. Spring Record Day. Continue reading

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