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Artbits-December 29, 2022

Fairs, Festivals. Vaccination, booster, registration, perfect storm, tripledemic. Artist in Residence, Bryan Memorial, Milton Artists Guild. Charles R. Guyette, Freedom and Unity. Cooie DeFrancesco, Troy Millette, WD40’s, WD40s, Carol Ann Jones, Kyle Stevens, Cozy O’Donnell, Sticks Stones. Ernie the Traveling Storyteller. Looking Back at the Year. All Arts Council, Island Arts, River Arts, St. Albans Community Arts, Swanton Arts Council. Vermont Maple Festival, Little Fox Entertainment, Joshua Glass, Andriana Chobot, Jason Tardy, Pipsqueak Clown, Phil Abair, Keeghan Nolan, Electric Youth Dance Company, Dragon Man, Aim High Canines, Young Tradition-Vermont, Fiddleheads Touring Group, Shake, Morgan Myles, Rockin’ Ron Friendly Pirate. Vermont Dairy Festival, Scholarship Pageant, Jerborn, Smokin’ Gun, Pirate Man Dan, Farmer Tom Walsh, MC Mac Blues Band, Bad Horsey, Troy Millette, Fire Below, Robert Clark, Root 7. Franklin County Field Days, Julia Parent, Jamie Lee Thurston, Old Man Garage Band, Chris Erica, Friction, Express Train, Jolly Roger Band, Darcy Cahill, George Richard, Johnny Cash. Continue reading

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Artbits-March 24, 2022

Vaccination, registration. Scam, scammer, Venmo, craft show. March 11, 2020, World Health Organization WHO pandemic. John Clarke Olson. Taylor Long Amy Hook-Therrien. March Paint Sip, Gustav Klimt. Values and Shapes in Watercolor, Gary Eckhart. Painting Classes, Patrick Murphy, Northwest Access TV. Microbusiness Group, Digital Capacity Grants, Media Factory. Cooie DeFrancesco, Owl Stars, Sean Jarvis, Jason Wedlock, She Was Right, IncaHoots, Uncle Jimmy, Vinyl Spell, Tom Caswell, Lloyd Tyler, Logger, Rusty DeWees, Wormdogs, Solaris Vocal Ensemble, Karen Kevra, John Bartus, Prydein, Mark Shelton. Lock up the Organist Feed the Cello on an Airplane, William Tortolano. Spring Into Books, Ernie Hemingway. Continue reading

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Artbits-February 10, 2022

Vaccination, registration, self reporting, at-home tests. Techniques Mediums, pen ink, fire and ice. Snow Snake Building Workshop. Intro To Wheel, Barbara Flathers, Open Studio Figure Drawing. David Mills, Creative Writing, Painting Classes, Patrick Murphy, Daughter Gala, King Me, Supernatural Rocks, Maple Hanson, Rehab Roadhouse, David Miller, Chris Erica, John Geno, Bob Recupero, Nottingham Drive, John Bartus. International Landscape Photographer of the Year. Ernie Hemingway, Traveling Story Teller, Bill Mares, Don Hooper. Continue reading

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Artbits-January 20, 2022

Vaccination, registration. Postponed, canceled. Call for art, Virtual Winter Show, NVAA. Self reporting, rapid antigen test. Hiring, gallery manager. Hidden side art market. Peggy Smith, mono-printing, cards, calendars. Social media marketing, Corinna Thurston. Writers’ Group, SAC Annual Meeting. John Gratton, King Me, Nighthawk, Peter Wayne Burton, Rough Suspects, Blue Heron, Eleven, John Bartus, Curt Lippe, Tom Proctor, Mark Shelton, James Slater. Ernie Hemingway, Traveling Story Teller. Continue reading

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Artbits-December 30, 2021

Vaccination, registration. City of Saint Albans, Last Night, Fireworks. Let’s Find Out, Barbara Lussier. Shane Murley, Eleven, Cozy O’Donnell, Sticks Stones, Fabulous Wrecks, Highlight, John Bartus, Wesley Kempton, Uncle John’s Band, Rusty Bucket, Stragglers, Troy Millette, Andre Villeneuve, Mark Shelton. First Wednesdays, Natalie Neuert, Carol Berry, Barry Deitz. Traveling Storyteller, Ernie Hemingway. Looking Back at the Year. Continue reading

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Artbits-February 21, 2019

The March Basket, a reception the Writer’s Group, and Live Model Sketching this week. A Pancake Breakfast fundraiser and Storytelling Open Mic. BFA Improv, Carol Ann Jones, Jenni Johnson, Chris and Erica, S.A.S., the Christine Malcolm Trio, the Hubcats, the Rock and Roll Playhouse, Tim Brick, EJ Edmonds, AJ Hapenny, Sarah Martin, and Ed Waugh, Nobby Reed and Missisquoi Slim, MissMay Day, the Island Band, and the Monthly Blues Jam on stage. Continue reading

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