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Artbits-February 21, 2019

The March Basket, a reception the Writer’s Group, and Live Model Sketching this week. A Pancake Breakfast fundraiser and Storytelling Open Mic. BFA Improv, Carol Ann Jones, Jenni Johnson, Chris and Erica, S.A.S., the Christine Malcolm Trio, the Hubcats, the Rock and Roll Playhouse, Tim Brick, EJ Edmonds, AJ Hapenny, Sarah Martin, and Ed Waugh, Nobby Reed and Missisquoi Slim, MissMay Day, the Island Band, and the Monthly Blues Jam on stage. Continue reading

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Artbits-January 24, 2019

There’s a Paint & Sip fundraiser and the MCA Figure Drawing Workshop. The Writer’s Group meets. Young Tradition, the Green Mountain Playboys, the Hokum Brothers, Sean Jarvis, Chris and Erica, John Howell, Scott Martell and the Anton Umber Trio, Son of a Gun, Bob Amos with Jim Rooney, and Al Hapenny, Ed Waugh, Sarah Martin, and EJ Edmonds have gigs. We have calls video and art. Continue reading

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Artbits-December 27, 2018

The SAC Writer’s Group will meet. Young Tradition, Too Much, Cooper and Lavoie (twice), the Dale and Darcy Band, the Growlers, Chris and Erica, the Nobby Reed Project, and Justice have gigs. There is a Family Christmas Ball and Silver & Gold. New Year’s Eve celebrations include Highlight, First Night North, Last Night, and more. We have the news from Summer Sounds, St. Albans Community Arts, and Swanton Arts Council plus the galleries, the BFA Performing Arts Center, Church Street Sounds, the Opera House, Evenings with Vermont Treasures, Music at Grace, and our favorite restaurants and watering holes. Continue reading

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Artbits-December 20, 2018

SAC hosts a Floral Design workshop. 14th Star Movie Nights continue. Carol Ann Jones, the Open Mic Comedy Showcase, Jesse Taylor, the Smokey Newfield Project, Bethany Conner and Friends, Citizen Bare, Chris & Erica, Troy Millette & the Fire Below, Phil Graziano, Omega Jade, Justice all perform. Pat Esden has a new book. We’ll see what the Festivals and Libraries did in 2018. Continue reading

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Artbits-November 15, 2018

Shrek the Musical has a three-day run. There is a Holiday Paint & Sip and an arts raffle. The Writer’s Group meets. Carol Ann Jones, Jenni Johnson and the Jazz Junketeers, TNT Comedy, The Duel, AmerikanaBlue, Phil Graziano, Chris & Erica, Justice, 8084, the Johnny Cash Tribute Show, Rushmore, and a special CEA have separate gigs. Stephen Russell Payne has a new book. Continue reading

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Artbits-September 27, 2018

Fun with Watercolor and a Pebble Art class. Farmers Markets have art, crafts. Free Studio Fridays continue. SAC continues a workshop and has its Annual Meeting. The Starline Rhythm Boys, the Brewery Comedy Tour, Dale & Darcy, the Hitmen, John Howell, Amerikana Blue, the Nobby Reed Project, Yasi, Oliver, and Louli Zeichner (The Zeichner Trio), Amy Heneveld, and Heather Stearns, Carol Ann Jones, and Sean Jarvis all take a stage. The library hosts To Bid or Not to Bid. Continue reading

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