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Artbits-August 6, 2020

Vote. Cancellation, Restart, Fairs, Festivals. State of emergency, quarantine. $3,000 internet. Donna Blatchly, Kristina Bolduc, Holly Spier, Meta Strick. MAG Artist pop-up. Everything but the Brush, Kristen M. Watson. Virtual Art Journaling. Crowdsourced movie. Young Tradition Vermont, Pete Sutherland, Isabella Rottler, Starline Rhythm Boys, Duel, Carol Ann Jones, Will Patton, Jon Sochin, Chris & Erica, Shaun King, Jeff and Gina, Cooie, George Murtie, Hubcats, Rik Palieri, Mark Shelton, John Bartus, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Corner House, Tom Caswell. Continue reading

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Artbits-April 16, 2020

Artist Relief. Emotion Speaks Bliss. Fairfax Arts Council, MAGnificent Mask Force, Poetry Month, Swanton Arts Council. Christopher Walken, Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Bartus, Carol Ann Jones, Emma Back, Linda Bassick, Gloria Estefan, Miami Police Band, Bob Gagnon, Adrian Grimes online. Fairfax Library, Swanton Library. Continue reading

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Artbits-April 2, 2020

Cirque Britannia Victoria Drawn from Life. Blue-Zoo Productions. Vermont. Gottlieb Emergency Grant. New Music Solidarity Fund. Youth Art Show. Vermont Art Online. Luis Guzman, Film Slam. Daniel Matarazzo, Francesca Blanchard, John Bartus, Jacob Green, George Murtie. Living Room Lounge. National Poetry Month, 10*10*10. Green Mountains Review Social Distance Reading Series. Continue reading

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Artbits-March 19, 2020

SAFETY FIRST The events listed this week are as accurate as I could find at press time. Many events may move to other venues or online or may be postponed at the last minute. Read more… ART ON THE WALLS … Continue reading

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Artbits-February 27, 2020

Sappy Art Show. Raffle Basket for AIR. Donna Blatchley, Barry Genzlinger, Maureen Genzlinger, Paule Gingras, Claire Graham-Smith, Martha McGinn, Meta Strick, Sally Tarr. SAC meeting. Radio and print communications small business boot camp. Movie Night. Phil Graziano, Bobby Cee, Paul Asbell, Django Soulo, Danville Dan, Roland & Fran, the OldBoys, Comedy For A Cure, Chris Lyon, Nobby and Missisquoi, and Chris Parker all have gigs. Quantum Shorts Flash Fiction Contest, CDS Essay Prize, JMKAC Arts/Industry Residency have calls. Continue reading

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Artbits-February 6, 2020

Cherie Marshall, Marianne Marshall, Linda Wirts. Mike Barkyoumb. Dancin’ Dean. Making a Short Film for Youtube. Copy Writing, Jodi Lawaich. Small Business Boot Camp. Art Journaling Group. Nobby Reed Project, Hokum Brothers, Sean Jarvis, Carol Ann Jones, Bob Gagnon, Chris & Erica, Chris Lyon, Becca and Andy Cartmell’s Homebrew Duo, Eleven, AmerikanaBlue, Squirrel, Blues Jam appear gig nearby. Celebration of Expressive Arts. Continue reading

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