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Artbits-February 8, 2024

Vaccination, booster. V! A Night of Vivacious Variety, Mistress Manifest, Ginge O’Lolly, Mike Thomas, Marie Ragan, Renee Juliette, hPlay!, Alice Reighley, ShuShu+Co, Jenna Emerson. Jean Burbo. Hearts for Your Honey. Liane Whittum. SpaceX. Maker’s Market. 2024 Vermont Solar Eclipse, Dan Pattullo. Sip n’ Slurry, Galentine’s and Significant Others Day, Barbara Flathers. Valentine’s Love Birds Paint & Sip. Creative Connections. Sappy Art Show. Maple Sugaring Amateur Photography Contest. Northwest Public Access TV, videographer. BNML Board of Trustees. Library Assistant. Movies that Matter, Waste Land, Vik Muniz. Michael Lange, Many Meanings of Maple. How Our Minds Influence the Effects of Sleight-of-Hand Magic. Tina Escaja, Mar y virus, Virus and the Sea. Social Sunday. Pebble Art Workshop. Mindful Art, Mixed Media Adventure, Jen Volanksy. Karaoke, Vermont Mandolin Trio, Will Patton, Jamie Masefield, Matt Flinner, Pat Melvin, 2024 Mardi Gras Party, Mango Jam, Yankee Chank, Matt Vandy, Alex St. Louis, Paul Tenney, Max Higgins, Ian Paul, DJ 2 Rivers, Jeff Salisbury, Sibling Reverie, Bad Horsey, Kyle Stevens, Staircase 24, Chris Lyon, Giovanina Bucci, Cooie Adlai, Roger Giroux, Sean Jarvis, Rick Dayna, NightHawk, Crowe Hill, Dale Darcy, Michael Hurley. Continue reading

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Artbits-January 13, 2022

Fairs, Festivals. Vaccination, registration. Swanton Arts Council call artists, crafters, musicians, performers. Painting Social, Janet Dimick Soavi. Sip n’ Slurry, Butter Dish, Winter Create Clay, Inspired by Nature Drawing. Adult Ukelele, Clare Innes. Howard Coffin, 1800 Froze to Death, Cold Year of 1816. Blue Rock Boys, Laura Rasco, She Was Right, Duncan MacLeod, Eleven, Phil Graziano, Tom Caswell. Ben Weber, Beg, Steal Borrow, Carol Ann Jones, Jon Sochin, 8084, John Bartus, Mark Shelton. Donna Howard, Eloquent Page, James Patterson. Continue reading

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Artbits-September 23, 2021

Restart, Fairs, Festivals. Vaccination, registration, pandemic. RocktoberFest, pot throwing, scarecrow. George Van Hook, Susan Larkin, Gems Giants. Metal Smithing, Cathy LaClair, jewelry. Ballad of Ethan Alien, Megan Jean KFB, Cozy O’Donnell, Shane’s Apothecary, Natural Selection, Supernatural, Lebowski, Jerborn, Jim Branca, Tom Buckley, Cooie, Some Hollow, Smokin Gun, Saints Liars, Ida Mae Specker, Terrible Mountain Stringband, Maple Run Band, Western Terrestrials, Green Mountain Freight, Aerolites, Seth Yacovone, Christine Meola, Cookie’s Hot Club, Lee Ross, Nobby Reed, AfterMarket Heros, Deuces Wild, Raised By Hippies. Eloquent Page Walt McLaughlin, Wildness Being Human. Continue reading

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Artbits-August 12, 2021

Restart, Fairs, Festivals. State of emergency, Reopening, Vaccination, registration. Big Music Weeks. Summer Sounds, Oleo Romeos. Kristina Bolduc, Jennifer Buckner, Wayne Tarr. Isle La Motte Vineyard Artist Market. David Stromeyer, Tango, University of Vermont. Wednesday Night Live. Business Planning Creatives, Corrina Thurston. Community Youth Mural Project. Nobby Reed, Rik Palieri, Troy Millette, Blues for Breakfast, Jason Lee, Amerikana Blue, Jeff Shelly, Duncan Macleod, Chris Erica, Phil Abair, Keeghan Nolan, Trevor Ryan, Chimie Bangoura, John Gratton, Bob Gagnon, Dave Miller, Flycatchers, Shake, Jenni Johnson, Jazz Junketeers, Shane Murley, Mike Fahey, Trevor Dion, Brieana Woodward, Mark-Anthony Lewis, Dennis O’Hagan, Oleo Romeos, Hubcats, Old Man Garage Band. Words in the Woods, Sarah Audsley. Young Tradition, Youth Commission, Kickstarter. Continue reading

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Artbits-August 5, 2021

Restart, Fairs, Festivals. State of emergency, Reopening, Vaccination, registration. Summer Sounds, Franklin County Field Days, Big Music Weeks, Bash. Bryan Memorial Gallery, Made In Vermont, Self Reflection, Of Openness and Closeness. Explore Trout River Arts, Pottery Making Pit Firing, Susan Delear. Tim Brick, Pen Hits, Jamie Lee Thurston, Old Man Garage Band, Rebecca Padulla, B&B Music Factory, Keeghan Nolan, Interstate Express, Friction, Darcy Cahill, George Richard/Johnny Cash Tribute Show, Jesse Agan, Chris & Erica (twice), Rough Suspects, Lebowski Trio, Eleven, George Murtie, Jeff & Gina, Soulo Davis Duo, Chris Lyon, Carol Ann Jones and Will Patton, John Kitonis and Sarah Karandy. John Gratton, Eleven, Trevor Contois, Jerborn, Ron Gagnon, Christine Malcolm, Rudy Dauth, Fiddleheads, Joanne Garton, Shake Band, Trucks Taps and Tunes, Ballet Wolcott, Bob Gagnon, Tony Petricola, Alex Cohen, Carol Ann Jones, Jon Sochin, Citizens Concert Band, Hubcats, Nobby Reed. Linda Radtk presents Parlor Polling Place, Suffragists. Summer Book Ephemera Fair, Eloquent Page. Continue reading

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Artbits-January 7, 2021

Cancellation, Restart, Fairs, Festivals. State of emergency, quarantine, mask mandate, vaccine. Gillian Ireland, Lori Niederer, Wayne Tarr, Anne Cummings, Clay Mohrman. Thomas Denenberg, Winslow Homer, Poetics of Place. Hudson Valley Philharmonic, New Paltz Ballet Theater, the Bardavon, Hadley Stockwell, John Bartus, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Isaac Eddy of the Blue Man Group, Mark Shelton. Armand Messier, Aerial Photography. 2020. Continue reading

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