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Artbits-January 4, 2018

2018 will be another busy year. Mike Byers, Arlene Jarvis, and Ann Levy hang around the gallery. Cooie, the Nobby Reed Project, the Duel, the Ellen Powell Trio, and Graziano, Schofield, and Slim have gigs on different nights. St. Albans Community Arts and the Swanton Arts Council have projects. We showcase some of 250 events from more than 40 organizations in 2018. Continue reading

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Artbits-December 22, 2016

This week, Carol Ann Jones and Jon Sochin, The Duo, Troy Millette and Dylan Gombas, and the Young Tradition Touring Group perform. We look at the Franklin County Festivals and Libraries. Merry Christmas everyone! Continue reading

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Artbits-July 28, 2016

The Big Music Weeks of Summer continue. Jenni Johnson plays Summer Sounds. The annual Jig is up. The Blue Rock Boys, Tim Brick, Sean Casey, Michele Choiniere with Will Patton and Dono Schabner, Gypsy Wind, Carol Ann Jones, Nightrain, Nobby Reed, No Left Turn, John Smyth and Jenn Croteau, Yankee Chank, and Young Tradition all have gigs. Lil Abner opens at he Opera House of Dogpatch Falls. And it is National Night Out. Continue reading

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Artbits-March 24, 2016

ART ON THE WALLS Art teacher Lisa Bressler teaches a two-hour Paint & Sip class and exordium. A new Artisans Market opens soon. Read more… ON STAGE LIVE On Tap has Inca Hoots. Twiggs presents the Front Porch Foursome and … Continue reading

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Artbits-January 14, 2016

Charlotte Roberts, Gail Salzman, the National Art Honor Society, and the Art’s Alive Photography Exhibit all “on the wall.” The Nobby Reed Project, the Smokey Newfield Project, and Micah Plante “on stage.” Snow is falling and the books are calling. And we wind up the preview of another busy year in the arts with a look at our Visual Artists, at the Major Independent Presenters, and at Young Traditions. Continue reading

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Artbits – June 12, 2014

Art at BNML and photographer Jessica Remmey at NMC. Troy Millette, Dollar Past Sunset, Justice, Carol Ann Jones, Will Patton x 2, and a Hoedown. A jury for Artists in Residence, a Figment in Boston, the National Art Museum of Sport’s, and the 67th annual International Aqueous Open all want you. Continue reading

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