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Artbits-August 24, 2023

Festival. Vaccination, booster, registration. First day of school. Big Music Weeks of Summer. Creative Process, William Hoyt. Milkweed Monarch Paint Sip, Linda Oakes Carvalho. Queer Art Club. Easy Folk Dancing, Leslie Alpert. National Dog Day. Flood Relief Grant program. Social Sunday. Free Vaccine Drop In. Stowe Jazz Fest, Will Patton, Swing Manouch, Lloyd Tyler, No Where Washington, Nathan Michaud, Carol Ann Jones, Superchargers, Uncle Jimmy, Natural Selection, Devon McGarry, Kyle Stevens, Toast, Coop, Bob Recupero, Awen Family Band, Mad Mojo, Sohyun Ahn, Eun Hee Park, Corner Junction Bluegrass, Mark Abair All Star, Chris Lyon, Rockin’ Ron Gagnon, Nobby Reed, Blue Rock Boys, Smokey Newhouse, Dale and Darcy, Madeleine, Jeff Anderson, Donna Thunder, Jennifer Edwards, Avery Ellis, Astral Underground, She Was Right, New Time Swing, Jim Branca, Tom Buckley. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 25, 2023

Vaccination, booster, registration. Summer Music at Grace, Summer Concerts on the Green, Celebration of Expressive Arts. Erik Koeppel. Jude Prashaw. Calls, June Juried Show, Indigenous Perspectives Pandemic, Abenaki Storytelling Project. Saint Albans Museum. Amelie Michalkovic, Google Doodle. Scrapbooking Meetup. Social Sunday. COVID relief money. Farewell Reunion Concert, Pascal Gemme, Young Tradition Vermont Youth Commission, Fiona Stowell, Emmett Stowell, Owen Kennedy, Fern Tamagini-O’Donnell, Grace Martin, Shane Murley, Josh Murley, Ryan Sweezey, Kyle Stevens, Eleven, Lebowski Trio, Nickle Dime, IncaHoots, Chris Erica, Sticks Stones, Sibling Reverie, Al’s Pals, Seth Yacovone, Minced Oats, Beg, Steal or Borrow, Nobby Reed, Carol Ann Jones, Troy Millette, Fire Below, Martha Zweig, Carolyn Kittell, Dimmer Triplets, Charlie Frazier, Al Lemery, Gary Wade, George Murtie, Vermont Choral Union. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 11, 2023

Fairs, Festivals. COVID, Vaccination, booster, registration. Uncomfortable censorship. Vermont All State Music Festival. Kingman Fest, Queen. People’s Choice, Donna Blatchly, Amanda Blatchly, Maureen Genzlinger. MES Student Spring Art Show. Stephen Sharon. Paint and Sip Impressionism, Carolyn Crotty. Scrapbooking Meetup. Social Sunday. Botanical Blockprinting, Sara Reigler. White-tailed deer. Jesse Agan, Sean Jarvis, Eleven, Matty and Me, 90 Proof, Duncan Macleod, Mirage, Dirty Looks Band, Duo, Elizabeth Begins, Sister Speak, Stefani Capizzi. Flying Komorowski Brothers, Randy Max, Benjamin Powell, Vermont Mandolin Trio, Mark Shelton. Most Costly Journey. Barbara Kingsolver, Hernan Diaz, Pulitzer Prize. Continue reading

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Artbits-April 27, 2023

Festivals. Vaccination, booster, registration. Vermont Maple Festival, art, fair food, parade. Sip n’ Slurry, Nesting Bowls, Barb Flathers. Adult Beginners Ballet Barre. Abenaki Word of the Week. Scrapbooking Meetup. Lit Shadow Box, Barb, Abbey, CRICUT. Corrina Thurston Learn Colored Pencil. Social Sunday. Cynthia Rosen, Splendor of Color, Palette Knife Painting. 8084, BFA Marching Band, Mary Cenci, Kwame, Sister Speak, No Shoes Nation, Youth Talent Show, Electric Youth Dance Company, Kingdom Allstars, Andre Maquera, Randy Smith, Frank Barnes, Gary Spaulding, Fiddler’s Variety Show, Isaac French, Pipsqueak Clown, Little Fox Entertainment, Dragon Man, Jason Tardy, High Energy Juggling Family, Aim High Canines, Facemania. Chris Erica, Ryan Sweezey, Uncle Jimmy, Nighthawk, Mitch, Devon, Mullets of Rock, Giovanina Bucci, Bravacado, Whiskey Wine, Cooper, Tom Caswell. National Library Week. Continue reading

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Artbits-June 23, 2022

Vaccination, booster, registration. Reflections on Swanton. Jeffersonville Art Jam. National Gallery of Art, Artle. June Sip n’ Slurry, Handbuilt Mugs, Wednesday Night Live. Vermont Creative Network, Networking Mixer. Social Sundays. Rail City Fan Fest, Nobby Reed Project, Sticks and Stones, Cooie Sings, Uncle Jimmy, Mark Abair, 90 Proof, Duncan McLeod , Free Range Band, Buck Hollers, Fabulous Wrecks, Sergio Torres, David Feurzeig, Young Tradition Vermont, Hilary Menegaz Weitzner, Fern Tamagini-O’Donnell, Owen Kennedy, Amerikana, Blue Fox, Eleven, Mullets of Rock, Root 7, Boom City Improv, Ryan Hanson, Royal Towne Brass, David Ellis, David Heintz, Thea Calitri-Martin, Denis Lambert, Bill Keck, Claire Black, Enosburg Town Band, Bob Gagnon, Tony Petricola, Citizens Concert Band. Jason Barney, Northern Vermont Revolutionary War. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 12, 2022

Vaccination, booster, registration. Fairfax Art Festival, Silent Auction. Vermont Antiquarian Booksellers, Spring Book Card Ephemera Fair, postcards, collectibles. Student Art. Andy Warhol, Marilyn. Thumbprint Art, Chiara Keeling, Sip n’ Slurry, Social Sunday, Pebble Art, Jean Ferguson, Patrick Murphy. Card Making, Barb Switzer. Gel Plate Printmaking Workshop. Rail City Players, actors, prop, costume, Shakespear Park. Troy Millette, Chris Erica, Phil Graziano, Eleven, Devon McGarry, Last Kid Picked, Eames Brothers, Blue Fox, Beg Steal Borrow, Mark Legrand, Timberline, Laura Fedele-Rasco, Texas Hill, Atlantic Crossing, Corner House, Oliver Scanlon, Pete Sutherland, Young Tradition Vermont Youth Commission. Jill Mudgett, Murder Vermont Woods, Story About Race, Class, Gender. Green Mountain Folklore Society. Continue reading

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