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Artbits-April 18, 2024

Vaccination, booster. COVID-19 hospitalizations. Seven Daysies. Lance Hodgdon. Tess Follensbee, Susannah Sakal. Susan Bull Riley, Singing to Vermont. Crystal Sun Catcher. Maple Sugaring Amateur Photography Contest. NVAA June Show. Cold Hollow Sculpture, volunteer. Jessamyn West, Every Problem Is Now a Technology Problem. Met, Metropolitan Opera, Puccini, La Rondine, Angel Blue, Jonathan Tetelma. Social Sunday, Tina Lesperance, Workshop for those with Dementia and their Caregivers, Corrina Thurston, Powerful Vulnerability in writing. Barn Quilt Class, Marie Speer. Letterpress Printing, Music Festival Josh Pallotta, Karaoke, Open Mic Night, Cooie Sings, Jesse Agan, Uncle Jimmy, Sticks Stones, Dan Parks, Justice 3, Shane Murley, PET House, Phillip Hyjek, Rockin’ Ron Gagnon, Roger Giroux, Troy Millette, Fire Below, Jerborn, Isaac Mathews, Bad Horsey, the Pleasant Street Boys, Dobbs’ Dead, Jess Leone, Lara Cwass, PHISH. Richford Hometown Follies, Jimmy T Cobras. Mark Shelton. Melinda Claire Arceneaux-Swearingen, Pratt Hall. Avree Kelly Clark, debut novel, Malice Aforethought. Spring Book Card Ephemera Fair. Continue reading

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Artbits-April 11, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Classic Movie Night, Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams. Takara Hansell. The Farm in Winter, Marieluise Hutchinson. Village in the Snow, Mary Bryan. Paint Sip Take It or Leaf It, Natalie Carr. Bridging Perspectives, Adam Kersch, Inoculating Whiteness Settler Colonialism Infectious Diseases Sheet’ka. Luis Vivanco, When the Bicycle Came to Vermont. Kathleen Berry Bergeron, Intuitive Expressive Landscapes in Watercolor. Paint Pouring Balloon Technique, Laurie Thompson. Social Sunday. Mindful Art, Creative U-Turns. Letterpress Printing, Christa, Chandler Price press. Surreal Swans, Marc Choiniere. Fam Jam, Karaoke Night, Marc Edwards, Sibling Reverie, Hard Scrabble, Natural Selection, Quadra, Dirty Looks, King Me, Shell House, Coop, Bob Recupero, Cooie Adlai. Richford Hometown Follies, Jimmy T Cobras, Summer Sounds. SPL Book Club, Good Neighborhood, Therese Anne Fowler. But I Progress, Brave Wild River. Melissa Sevigny. Continue reading

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Artbits-April 4, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Great North American Eclipse Weekend Festival Show. Barbara Colgrove, Barbara Flathers, Dorothy Goulet. David Pound, Sterling Brook Serenity. Sherry Gould. Lizzy Ridges, Daisy Fiber Art. Cardmaking with Barb, Paper Flower Class. Sylvia Oblak, Paint and Sip Solar Eclipse. Community Arts Creative Connections. Vermont Quilt Sampler Exhibition, quilters. Maple Festival, Sappy Art Show. Creation Grant. Remembering The Dawn Land, Joseph Bruchac. Nancy Marie Brown, Far Traveler Voyages of a Viking Woman. Open Studio Figure Drawing. Social Sunday. Nobby Reed, Karaoke, Open Mic, Jeff Salisbury, She Was Right, Phil Abair, Keeghan Nolan, Mitch Devon, Frankie, Phoenix, Laura Fedele-Rasco, Heliand, EK Duo, Katie Oprea, Rachael Elliott, Thomas Kozumplik, Red Carpet Review, Carlos Uber driver, Sheri Anne, Sister Speak, Blue Heron, Rough Suspects, PET Project, Multibeast, John Bartus. Joe Moore. Continue reading

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Artbits-March 14, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Rotary Home Show, Prydein. Spring Release, Vermont Watercolor Society, Mary Anne Duffy Godin. Jacob Aguiar, Vermont Blues. Maker’s Market. Paint and Sip, Patty the Gnome, Sylvia Oblak. Spring Landscapes, Natalie Carr. Northern Vermont Artists’ Association, NVAA, June Juried Show. Elnu Abenaki Singers. Andrea Tamburro, Intergenerational Trauma Healing Resilience. Chester F. Parsons, History of Sheep in Vermont. Wallace Stegner, Based on a Real Life Angle of Repose. Felicia Kornbluh, Reproductive Rights Justice. Poet Rajnii Eddins. Richard Cowperthwait, Bridget Higdon, Tim Smith, Town Meeting. Intro to Macrame, Allie Chapple. Key Elements in Portrait Painting, George Van Hook. Viktor Butko. Social Sunday. Creative Escape Fantasy in Art, Jen Volansky, Mindful Art Series. Best I’ve Ever Slabbed Handbuilding Clay, Chiara Keeling. Karaoke, Irish music, bagpipes, Fam Jam, Smokey Newfield, Ron Gagnon, Jomoband,, Shane’s Apothecary, Phantom Airwaves, Matty Me, Last Kid Picked, 90 Proof, Paul Asbell, IncaHoots, Chris Issy, WD40s, John Gratton, Phillip Hyjek, Spencer Lewis, Roger Giroux, Dave Miller, Barbie-N-Bones. Slainte. Continue reading

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Artbits-March 7, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Barbara Colgrove, Barbara Flathers, Dorothy Goulet. Maker’s Market. Pet Portraits, Linda Oakes Carvalho. Sip n’ Slurry: Coil Plates, Chiara Keeling. Creative Connections. Skiing Through Time, a Tour of Montgomery’s History with Snow. Bridget Butler, Becoming a Friend to Our Waterways. Met, Metropolitan Opera, Verdi, La Forza del Destino, Lise Davidsen, Yannick Nezet-Seguin. Open Studio Figure Drawing. Social Sunday. Pebble Art Workshop. Vermont, milestone, COVID-19. Acoustic Thursday, Nobby Reed, Josh Panda, Peter Day, Sanctuary, Cooper, Bob Recupero, Toast, Rockin’ Ron Gagnon, KCB Band, Bob Crystal Carew. Continue reading

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Artbits-February 29, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Town Meeting. Bob Titterton, John Sargent, Realism and Waterways. Circle of Courage, Larry Brendtro. Maker’s Market. Sip n’ Slurry Pocket Wall Hangings, Chiara Keeling. Van Bertie. KCB Day. Telling Stories Frame by Frame. Lily Doton, Norm Murphy, Luke McGee, Jacob Gonzo Gonzalez, Distant Memories, Lily Modica, Wes Simard, Ruben Somda, Maegon Courville, Cody Despins, Madilyn Mogen, Carissa Challinor, Molly Marcy, Jake Before, Cody Despins, Emma Ezzo, Jacob Ruben, Ellen Tierney, Wm Smith, Audrey Tembreull, Ariana Hausmann. Chip Sawyer, Next Steps in City Revitalization. Josh Jackson, Chance of Ten Lifetimes Restoring Notre Dame de Paris. Social Sunday. Board Meeting Updates. Fam Jam!, Karaoke Night, Chris Erica, Cooper, Bob Recupero, John Lackard Blues Duo, Nighthawk, Staircase 24, Dan Parks, Mark Steffenhagen, Laura Fedele-Rasco, Jerborn, Sister Speak, Ethan Sawyer, Martin Fredrick, Blue Heron. Andre Maquera, Loudon Granger, National Youth Orchestra United States, Mark Shelton. Continue reading

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