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Artbits-September 19, 2019

Harvest Fest grows artists. Carriage Barn Art Show and Sale. Figure Drawing Workshop. Design a Sign. Year of the Salmon. Stories from the Farm. USO Canteen. Weed Imperial Orchestra, Dustin Pari, Carol Ann Jones, Will Patton, Home Brew, Stragglers, Christine Malcolm Band, Mark & Bart, Django Soulo, Erin Cassels-Brown Acoustic Rodney, Squirrel, Barbie N Bones, Glass Onion, Jamie Lee Thurston, Justin LaPoint, IncaHOOTs, D.French, Nobby Reed Project all perform. Continue reading

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Artbits-July 25, 2019

Big Music Weeks of Summer continue. Summer Sounds has Jenni Johnson. The Music Man. Jig in the Valley. Home Grown Music Festival, 2019 Riverside Country Jam.
Nobby Reed, Scott Dubois, S.A.S., Heliand Consort, Bardela, Django Soulo, the Flycatchers, Java Sparrow, Kelly Dolan, Rebecca Padula, the Christine Malcolm Duet, Eric George, the Green Mountain Horn Club, the Buck Hollers, Jenni Johnson, Jacob Racusin and Seth Eames, Janet Bonneau, Jo Anne Bennett, Ernest, Enosburg Town Band, Squirrel, Cookies Hot Club, Starline Rhythm Boys, Carol Ann Jones and Will Patton, and Citizens Concert Band have gigs. Artisan Jewelry Show. Latin Dance Social. Trad Camp Lunchtime Concert and End of Camp Showcase. Planning for Last Night. Continue reading

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Artbits-June 20, 2019

Summer Sounds. International Make Music Day. Meta Strick with Sunday Afternoon Art Workshops. Celebrating the Artists with the 4th annual Art Library Tour. SAC Writer’s Group. Comedy for a Cause. Night Club 2-Step dance lessons. One Town at a Time. Nobby Reed, Jenni Johnson, Tim Brick, Tim Howard, Flycatchers, Scott Aaron Martell, the Smokey Newfield Project, AmeriKana Blue, Carol Ann Jones and Will Patton, Bob Gagnon, Justin LaPoint, praise bands, SoN oF a GuN, Enosburg Town Band, Shellhouse, Citizens Concert Band have gigs. Calls for Artistry in Motion, NVAA, Mill River Brewing. Continue reading

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Artbits-April 25, 2019

The Vermont Maple Festival, Paint Nite and artist Diane Kingston, Electric Youth Dance Company. The Young Tradition Touring Group, Spider Roulette, O’hAnleigh, Sean Ashby, Shake the Band, BFA Comedy Improv, Phil Abair, Electric Youth, Jay Taylor, Morgan Myles, Fiddlers, Dark Horse, Christine Malcolm, Bethany Conner, S.A.S., the Old Man Garage Band, the Will Patton Ensemble, Beaton-Plasse, Allison de Groot and Tatiana Hargreaves, Le Vent du Nord, and Troy Millette on stage. Writer Jennifer Cyr. Continue reading

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Artbits-April 4, 2019

The Spring Handmade Craft Show, Barry Genzlinger, Maureen Genzlinger, Anne Standish, a Figure Drawing Workshop, and a barn quilt put art on the walls. There are beginner foxtrot lessons. The Art Journaling Group meets. The Nobby Reed Project, Sean Jarvis, Leadfoot Louise, Cooie, Dale & Darcy, Young Tradition Touring Group, Will Patton, Lewis Franco and the Missing Cats, the Stragglers, Troy Millette, take the stage. STEM Challenge Initiative. Continue reading

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Artbits-December 27, 2018

The SAC Writer’s Group will meet. Young Tradition, Too Much, Cooper and Lavoie (twice), the Dale and Darcy Band, the Growlers, Chris and Erica, the Nobby Reed Project, and Justice have gigs. There is a Family Christmas Ball and Silver & Gold. New Year’s Eve celebrations include Highlight, First Night North, Last Night, and more. We have the news from Summer Sounds, St. Albans Community Arts, and Swanton Arts Council plus the galleries, the BFA Performing Arts Center, Church Street Sounds, the Opera House, Evenings with Vermont Treasures, Music at Grace, and our favorite restaurants and watering holes. Continue reading

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