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Artbits-June 20, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Make Music Day. Jeffersonville Art Jam, June Juried Show, Emile Gruppe, Aldo T. Hibbard, Thomas Curtin, Robert Blair, Karen Winslow, Eric Tobin, Karen Winslow, Chris Bessette, Dawn DiCecco, Claudette Eaton, John Edebohlts, Carolyn Kittell, Joanie McMahon, Kelli Shepherd, Liane Spaulding, Sarah Weber, Lina Longtoe. Montgomery Center for the Arts, Catamount Film and Arts, homecoming. Paint Your Own Pet, Paint n Sip, Linda Oakes Carvalho. Pop up Advanced Ballet Classes. Rail City Fan Fest, robot demo, cosplay, trivia, Fortnite, fantasy. Foraging. Howard Coffin, Vermont, 1800 and Froze to Death Cold Year of 1816. Whistle underwater. Writers’ Group. Social Sunday. Creative Connections, She Was Right, Cooper, Young Tradition Touring Group, Dan Sean Jarvis, Rushmore, Hitmen, Bob Val, Pet Project, Jesse Agan, Mitch Devon, Lloyd Tyler, Ryan Sweezy, Midnight Walkers, Mark Shelton, Carol Ann Jones, Will Patton, Nottingham Drive, Mark Abair, Good Luck, Ryan Hanson, Rustics, Canyon Dreams, Phil Graziano, Roger Giroux, Mango Jam, Evan Alsop, David Karl Roberts, Cooie DeFrancisco, Enosburg Town Band, Danny, Parts, Citizens Concert Band, Blue Heron. Book Sale. Mystery Book Club, Naked in Death, JD Robb. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 16, 2024

Vaccination, booster. Paint Your Pet Portrait, Linda Oakes Carvalho. Art Journaling Group, Make Your Own Star Wars Terrarium. MES Student Spring Art Show. Beneath Our Skin. Nathan Johnson. Nebizun: Water Is Life, Charlie Adams, Vicki Blanchard, Joe Bruchac, Bill Gould, Francine Poitras Jones, Jeanne Morningstar Kent, Melody Walker Makin, Lucy Cannon Neel, Hawk Schulmeisters, Breanna Sheehan, Linda Longtoe Sheehan, Chief Roger Longtoe Sheehan, Vera Longtoe Sheehan, JES, Chief April St Francis Rushlow, Dorothy Tondreau, Amy Hook-Therrien, Aaron York. Adrian Ivakhiv. Environmental Humanities, Critical Studies for Feverish Times. Impressionist Portraits Pastel Oil, Karen Meneghin. Social Sunday. Aviano Bellydance. Workshop for Dementia Caregivers, Tina Lesperance. Letterpress Printing. Karaoke, Open Mic, Coffee House, Next Stop Comedy, Cooie DeFrancisco Sings, Carol Ann Jones, Will Patton, Duel, John Geno, Kevin Connelly, Banjo Dan, Willy, Lindner, Danny Coane, Sam Blagden, VT Bluegrass Pioneers, Shane’s Apothecary, Justice 3, Pet Project, Maple Grove, Blues Without Borders, Chris Erica, Chris Issy, Stragglers, Bob Gagnon, Jeff Shelley, Windham Philharmonic, Laura Fedele-Rasco. Vaisey Royale, Franklin County Quilt Show, Mark Shelton. Boys in the Boat, Daniel James Brown. But I Progress, Gender Queer, Maia Kobabe. Bianca Stone, Vermont Poet Laureate. Continue reading

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Artbits-June 1, 2023

Festivals. Vaccination, booster, registration. Jeffersonville Art Jam, Sidewalk Art Festival, NVAA June Juried Show, Landscape Masters, Creative Process, Nature’s Resilience, Legacy 2023, Vermont Fiddle Orchestra. Monique Dewyea, Homegrown Jewelry, Vermont Country Cottage Crafts, Fairfield Farm Bowls, Deborah Travis, Paul Tamasi, the Artful Pauper, Haleigh West, Debra Kiel, Robin Bennett, Donna Elery, Jane Sandberg, Gwen Rotharmel, Matthew Pricken, Sean Crossett, Sheilagh Smith, Patrice Lumumba. Terry Buehner, Natalie LaRocque, Longina Smolinski. Ballet School Vermont, Northern Vermont Ballet, Alice in Wonderland. Creative Futures Award. Abenaki Word Week. Abenaki Circle of Courage. Corrina Thurston, Colored Pencil on Wood, Social Sunday. Open Studio Figure Drawing. Watercolor Workshop, Lynn Cummings. Paxlovid. Jeff Shelley, Ryan Sweezey, Jesse Agan, Joshua Glass, Chris Doncaster, Eric Belrose, Uncle Jimmy, Duel, Phil Abair, Keeghan Nolan, Maple Hanson, Dirty Looks, Chris Erica, John Gratton, Vermont Choral Union, Hope Conquers Fear, Johann Christoph Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms, Benjamin Britten, Ron Gagnon, Worm-Dogs, Tallgrass Getdown, Cobras, 8084, Andre Maquera, Randy Smith, Frank Barnes, Gary Spaulding, Corner Junction. Jason Barney, Joy Choquette, Susan Dillard, Trish Esden, Jerry Johnson, Hank Lambert, Lori McLaughlin, Nicole Nappi, Becky Rupp, Bill Schubart, Eileen Williams. Vermont Reads, Most Costly Journey, Andy Kolovos, Julia Grand Doucet. Continue reading

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Artbits-April 13, 2023

Vaccination, booster, registration. Heart and Home. Copley Artist Rosalie Sidoti. Makers Market. Ox-Bow Incident, Henry Fonda, Harry Morgan, Anthony Quinn. Quiet Epidemic. Abenaki Word. Queer Art Club, World Art Day, Social Sunday. MVU Musical, Newsies, Third Shift, Duncan MacLeod, Sticks Stones, Fabulous Wrecks, Sanctuary, Blue Heron, Barbie n Bones, Cooie Adlai, Jesse Agan, Queen, Eleven, Soul Soda, Rockin’ Ron Gagnon. Tillie Walden, Cartoonist Laureate. Lynda Bouchard. SPL Book Club, Horse, Geraldine Brooks. Continue reading

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Artbits-January 5, 2023

Vaccination, booster, registration. Perfect storm, tripledemic. Paid leave grant program. LuAnn Bellis, Chris Bessette, Kati Christoffel, Trish Vaillancourt. Open Studio Figure Drawing, Sewing Outside Lines, Natalie Carr. Social Sunday. Board Meeting Updates. Safe Sound, Mitch Terriciano, Kyle Stevens, Free Range Band, Jerborn, Eleven, Ryan Sweezy, Buck Hollers, Rough Suspects. Predictions. Arts, books, dance, music, theater, theatrical hopes, honey badgers. Arts councils, opera house, gallery, galleries, guild, guilds, tax credits, historic local project, book, books, library, libraries. Continue reading

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Artbits-December 29, 2022

Fairs, Festivals. Vaccination, booster, registration, perfect storm, tripledemic. Artist in Residence, Bryan Memorial, Milton Artists Guild. Charles R. Guyette, Freedom and Unity. Cooie DeFrancesco, Troy Millette, WD40’s, WD40s, Carol Ann Jones, Kyle Stevens, Cozy O’Donnell, Sticks Stones. Ernie the Traveling Storyteller. Looking Back at the Year. All Arts Council, Island Arts, River Arts, St. Albans Community Arts, Swanton Arts Council. Vermont Maple Festival, Little Fox Entertainment, Joshua Glass, Andriana Chobot, Jason Tardy, Pipsqueak Clown, Phil Abair, Keeghan Nolan, Electric Youth Dance Company, Dragon Man, Aim High Canines, Young Tradition-Vermont, Fiddleheads Touring Group, Shake, Morgan Myles, Rockin’ Ron Friendly Pirate. Vermont Dairy Festival, Scholarship Pageant, Jerborn, Smokin’ Gun, Pirate Man Dan, Farmer Tom Walsh, MC Mac Blues Band, Bad Horsey, Troy Millette, Fire Below, Robert Clark, Root 7. Franklin County Field Days, Julia Parent, Jamie Lee Thurston, Old Man Garage Band, Chris Erica, Friction, Express Train, Jolly Roger Band, Darcy Cahill, George Richard, Johnny Cash. Continue reading

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