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Artbits-June 6, 2019

The Starline Rhythm Boys for Thursday Night Music Series. Vermont Days means free admission. Jennifer Buckner, Dorothy Grazier, Natalie La Rocque, Ron Turek, and Jim Greene all show. Figure Drawing Workshop continues. Community Arts MeetUp. Swanton Arts Spectacular. Year of the Salmon filming. Mayor’s Photo Competition. Nobby Reed Project, the Duel, Phil Abair, Cooie & Sergio, Tom Caswell, Blue Fox, Shane Murley, Ben Patton, George Murtie, Cooper & Corn, Contagious, the Zeichner Trio, Uncle Jimmy, the Enosburg Town Band have gigs. Discover Jazz with Richford Jazz Band, BFA Fairfax Jazz, Will Patton, Joe’s Big Band, and Paul Asbell. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 23, 2019

We’ve added links. The Farewell Reunion returns. It’s Open Studio Weekend. Twiggs hosts Paint Nite. The Swanton Writer’s Group meets. Bethany Conner and Troy Millette, S.A.S., Chris and Erica, Sierra Polley and Trevor Contois, Sean Ashby, Rough Suspects, Nobby Reed, Carol Ann Jones, Barbie N’ Bones, Gabe Roberts, Rough and Tumble, and Ron Prigat perform. Calls for the June Juried Show and Mayor’s Photo Competition. Continue reading

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Artbits-April 4, 2019

The Spring Handmade Craft Show, Barry Genzlinger, Maureen Genzlinger, Anne Standish, a Figure Drawing Workshop, and a barn quilt put art on the walls. There are beginner foxtrot lessons. The Art Journaling Group meets. The Nobby Reed Project, Sean Jarvis, Leadfoot Louise, Cooie, Dale & Darcy, Young Tradition Touring Group, Will Patton, Lewis Franco and the Missing Cats, the Stragglers, Troy Millette, take the stage. STEM Challenge Initiative. Continue reading

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Artbits-January 10, 2019

Sharon Radtke has a solo show. There are a Valentine Lovelies Wine Glass painting class and Pebble Art. The Lloyd Tyler Band, Justice, the Nobby Reed Project with the Balkun Brothers, the Ellen Powell Trio, Youth Tradition Song Weekend, the Music of Grateful Dead for Kids all have gigs. We look at the Major Independent Presenters. Continue reading

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Artbits-December 27, 2018

The SAC Writer’s Group will meet. Young Tradition, Too Much, Cooper and Lavoie (twice), the Dale and Darcy Band, the Growlers, Chris and Erica, the Nobby Reed Project, and Justice have gigs. There is a Family Christmas Ball and Silver & Gold. New Year’s Eve celebrations include Highlight, First Night North, Last Night, and more. We have the news from Summer Sounds, St. Albans Community Arts, and Swanton Arts Council plus the galleries, the BFA Performing Arts Center, Church Street Sounds, the Opera House, Evenings with Vermont Treasures, Music at Grace, and our favorite restaurants and watering holes. Continue reading

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Artbits-December 20, 2018

SAC hosts a Floral Design workshop. 14th Star Movie Nights continue. Carol Ann Jones, the Open Mic Comedy Showcase, Jesse Taylor, the Smokey Newfield Project, Bethany Conner and Friends, Citizen Bare, Chris & Erica, Troy Millette & the Fire Below, Phil Graziano, Omega Jade, Justice all perform. Pat Esden has a new book. We’ll see what the Festivals and Libraries did in 2018. Continue reading

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