Artbits–November 20, 2014


BFA-St. Albans presents 110 in the Shade. The musical is based on the 1954 play The Rainmaker and has a drought-ridden town, a hot summer day, and a charming conman. Read more


Rosie Newton sang the Canadian and American anthems. The Blue Paddle Bistro offers Carol Ann Jones solo. On Tap presents Jenni Johnson and Friends. The Comedy For A Cause series supports Surf Strong. Twiggs presents Almost Nowhere. Justice has November Madness and plays the Night Before Thanksgiving. The Abbey rides the NighTrain. Read more


Numbers Are Magical in Fairfax. The Highgate Book Group discusses The Art of Hearing Heartbeats. The St. Albans Library is busy with Mornings, Muffins & Mysteries, Writers’ Medley, Conversational Maths, the Friday Afternoon Comedy Film, and the Teen Movie Matinees. Read more


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